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Day 3: of rest and kettlebells

good morning,

ok…i am still behind in my blog days but in my defense I tried to blog last night but my ipad crashed and it was too late to start again!

so I awoke in the morning all set to have a productive day at work followed by a circuits class which i haven’t been to for 6 weeks…however as the day progressed I realised two things…one…my legs ached a lot from dancing over the weekend and  two…anyone who puts the coffee bag in the bin and tried to make a drink with the wrapper is too tired for circuits. So i decided to have a rest day…with some kettlebells in it after all in accordance with project rules i have to do something 🙂

My Kettlebells :-)

My Kettlebells 🙂

I had a 5 min warm up on my mini stepper, followed by 20 mins with my kettle bells. I did two arm swings, clean and press, straight leg dead lifts, snatches, bottoms up cleans and reverse lunges…I love kettlebells…they are hard work mind you. i then did core work and stretching.

All in all about 35-40 mins of exercise which did not feel like enough, but it is better than nothing and even a small amount every day will add up. I also realised that as tired as i was, 30 mins of exercise was completely doable.

So Day 3 complete 😀

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