Day 4: a narrow escape from burpees

Good evening 🙂

I made it with 10 mins to spare…it is actually day 4 of the challenge an I am blogging on day 4, so I have now caught up with myself.

after a very slow start to the day, that involved a lot of extra sleep in an attempt to return myself to normal human status, I had a personal training session this evening. I was excellent…I always walk out of these sessions feeling better than i did when i walked in…this has got to be a good sign.

Todays session started with complicated lunge stretching to loosen up my quad and hip flexor which involved one of those machines with pulleys, a bar attached to both sides of it and me in lung position pushing the bar in various different directions…I suspect that this exercise has a more technical and accurate description than that one, but that was what it was.

The next part involved the words plyometric and explosive and body weight exercises. It was here that I had my narrow escape from the craziness that is burpees! This part of the session was in a squash court as it involved throwing a ball around as hard as possible in between exercises such as press ups and squat jumps…as luck would have it…just as i was getting to the bit when Matt the trainer said…”next do 8 burpees then…” some people turned up to play squash 🙂 that is what i call a narrow escape. I am enjoying exercise, and i don’t mind if they are hard work…I just hate burees!

In lieu of the most hated burpees there were kettlebells…I do like kettle bells…it would seem that they are my new favorite piece of exercise equipment. They are hard work and I had to do double bottoms up cleans (by double I mean on in each hand) and double high pulls.

The last part of the session was dedicated to MMA practice. In the middle of a busy gym this  does get me some funny looks! I have it on good authority that I am an aggressive fighter.  As always this was fun, lots of punch and defence combinations and this week for the first time since I injured my hip flexor,  we reintroduced kicks.

This lot and some stretching to finish took 55 mins  🙂

Day 4 complete 😀

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