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Day 5: wicked wacky stick wednesday

For those of you who don’t already know or haven’t gathered from reading day 1, day 2, my about page or the project title….I am a member of a morris dancing side.  An excellent amazing group of people with whom I spend a considerable amount of my spare time dancing around in a jacket covered in tatters and a mask. This, as i have mentioned is the reason (well one of the reasons along with the general desire to be fitter) that i am doing this project!

Why am I telling you this now? well…Wednesday night is practice night, so Wednesday’s activity is dancing, and lots more dancing than i have been doing recently as i have (more or less) only just recovered from an injury caused by a very tight hip flexor muscle…have I mentioned that before? probably…oh well 🙂

Mythago practice…not tonight’s mind you…but an indication 🙂
noone mention the ears…

do dancing was today’s exercise and the dances i did were:

Triskelle, Maiden castle, Spank the monkey, raggle taggle gypsy (x2), our henry, witch hunt and standing stones.

There was walking through dances as well as dancing dances and all in all it added up to about 1 – 1.25 hrs of exercise… this was actually slightly more dancing than I probably should have done as my leg was starting to hurt towards the end of the last dance. However, some 15 mins of stretching when i came home has gone some way to remedy this…

Day 5 Complete 😀

For more info about Mythago Morris Dancers go here:

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