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Day 6: possible kettlebell addiction

hello people 🙂

Just a quick update today to mark the completion of another day of the challenge.

What with one thing and another, this morning i awoke feeling like I had been hit by a truck…I was wiped out! This lead me to the decision that a gym class was not for me today. I chose instead to resort to my mini-stepper / kettle bells / core +stretching combination. Today I did 15 mins on the stepper followed by 15 mins of kettlebells (all the usual suspects, clean and press, high pulls, straight leg dead lift and a between the legs figure of eight thing the name of which i have no idea) then 15 mins of core work and stretching.

This being the third time this week my work out has involved kettlebells, it makes me wonder if I am becoming an addict…although it might take a few more goes than 3…

All in all not too bad considering the general disinclination I felt today…

so despite the odds Day 6 complete 🙂


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