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Day 7 the gym on a Friday night

Good evening

The gym on a Friday evening is busier than I would have expected. I would have thought that on a Friday at 4:45 pm the gym would be fairly empty. In fact it was full of grumpy looking men picking up unfeasibly heavy objects and putting them back down again. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of exercise and people keeping fit is never a bad thing but the demographic of my gym seems to have changed somewhat in the last 6 weeks or so since I have not been there. There seemed to be fewer smiling people than I remember and more very serious types who looked a little bit confused at best that a short rounded girl had invaded their free-weights area and was having the nerve to use them.

Never mind about that though, I deep down know that they were probably more concerned with their own workouts than what i was doing…but the odd smile wouldn’t go a miss.

As you may have gathered, today heralded my return to the gym without a personal trainer for the first time since early may. I went through the program given to me by matt the trainer and I remembered something

I remembered that bike sprint intervals get you very tired very quickly! this is an exercise whereby you do 20 seconds at about 70rpm followed by 20 seconds at 120rpm, repeat for up to four minutes. Matt the trainer said I should work up to four minutes and that this is a more effective work out than a longer slower cardio session. I believe him. Today I managed 3 mins 20 seconds and i was surprised to get that far!

After that I carried out my free weights sets amongst the large men and the aspiring large men in the gyms new free weighs area. Grabbing my mere 10kg dumbbells from the rack of monstrous weights I carried out, bench presses, squats, one arm rows and arnold curls (ok…i switched down in weight for the arnold curls…they are too hard to do with 10kgs…yet) before switching to a barbels for a straight leg dead lift or two. Yes that’s right giant weight lifting men I am short and rounded but I know how to use both dumbbells and barbels and not only teeny tiny girl weights. I may now be being slightly unfair to my fellow gym goers, but they should have at least smiled once.

last stretch was core work and stretching…the usual bridge and plank and crunches before leaving the gym after 45 mins in favour of dinner

The other thing I have been thinking about today as I reach the end of week one is that if I am going to do this properly I am going to need a way of measuring my fitness. So today’s side project was to devise a fitness test to carry out at the end of each week to monitor my progress. I have done this and I will post further details of it once i have done the first round. This will probably be Sunday as tomorrow is looking like a busy one.

All in all pretty pleased as Day 7 complete and week 1 complete and I am still smiley and enthusiastic.


  1. I love intervals! And as my PT always reminds me when I’m having a tough session and have to do drop sets, the weight doesn’t necessarily matter provided your form stays good! All those guys chucking heavy objects about very often have terrible form if you watch them! Perfect form at a lower weight is better! 🙂


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