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Day 9: fitness tests and dancing on a step machine

Good evening

Today I decided that a somewhat calmer and more restful day was in order after yesterday’s activity extravaganza. So I got up at 6:15 so I could have breakfast and coffee before leaving for a car boot sale at 7:30 am. I know in the project rules it states that going shopping will not count towards activity;  it should, more specifically, read that activities such as supermarket shopping won’t count, but 2.5 hours of walking around in an uneven field at a car boot sale could count.  For that is what we did this morning,2.5 hours of continuous walking at a slow pace with added agility tests in  avoiding push-chairs being rammed at your ankles and unexpected children and dogs from all angles. It was activity, most definitely.

In addition to that, just in case I decide that doesn’t count after all because its link to activity is tenuous, I carried out my fitness test.

I started with a warm up of 10 mins on my ubiquitous mini stepper followed by…as many press-ups as possible, as many sit-ups as possible in 1 minute, as many squats as possible, 3 mins of stepping up and down and some reaching as far past my toes as possible.

my results were:

Press-ups 22, sit-ups 35, squats 33,

my heart rate after 3 mins stepping up and down was 118bpm and I can reach 16.5 cm beyond my feet.

All this told me that my legs are strong and I am above average at body weight activities and relatively flexible. My cardio fitness, however is only average, mind you…I am quite pleased with average! For full details of how this fits in to the standard results so the fitness test page at the top.

The other thing I discovered during this set of activity is that to the right music, it is perfectly possible to dance while on a step machine…well…I say dance I actually mean jig about somewhat while waving my arms about and stepping in time to Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine ;-D

This fitness test with the warm up and stretching at the end too about 35 mins so that counts as activity even if the long amble this morning doesn’t!


Day 9 complete 😀

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