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Day 10: oh circuits how I have missed thee

Good morrow my friends

My enthusiasm for today’s activity knows no bounds, it is an activity that I never feel like going to because it is at 8:30 pm but always makes me feel better afterwards. I find myself wishing to extol the virtues of this class to one and all..even though, and this is its one fault, there were no kettle bells involved!

You may have gathered from the title that I am talking about the humble and much misunderstood circuit training class. A class that I have been to most weeks since January until injury curtailed my circuit abilities a little..and bank holidays that curtailed it somewhat as the leisure centre that runs it closes on bank holidays! Today was the first class back and I remembered that although it is hard work, I really do like it. I may disagree with myself about this in the morning when I ache but I am sure I will win that argument!

Anyway, circuit training  run by a trainer who is very knowledgeable about such things, she makes it different every week which stops boredom and adds to the anticipation…every week you have the question..will there be burpees or will we get away with it! There is something about burpees…I m sure no-one likes them. 

Today’s class was 4 sets of 4 exercises, 4 aerobic, 4 abs, 4 arms, 4 legs all done for one minute each then the whole thing is repeated. The highlight of the class was discovering that in the arms section, the 3 kg dumbells she put out for us to use felt like almost nothing compared to the kettlebells which leads me to believe I am getting stronger. The low light (if there is indeed such a word) was the mountain climbers with a jump, which is essentially the first half of a burpee, then six mountain climbers then the second half of a burpee…this should not have been invented…never!

As hard as it all seemed at the time, and it did seem hard as circuits doesn’t really get easier, the fitter you get the harder you work, I felt excellent afterwards, and not just because I got to stop doing crazy exercises. So all in all a successful activity, well worth dragging myself out of the house again at 8:30 😀

Day 10 complete 😀

By the way,  I did take a photo of my circuits class, all set up ready to go, but nearly all today’s exercises were body-weight exercises, so there is very little to see!


  1. You know that I love a burpee! (And the mountain climbers with a jump sound most excellent [if a little sadistic!]).


    • Dan, I do indeed know that you love a burpee, you are in fact the exception that proves the rule 🙂 (although I have no idea how an exception actually proves a rule…)


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