Day 11: circuits for a second day

Good evening,

Todays exercise plan did not go quite as I had intended when I got up this morning. The plan was to zoom down to Steyning to have a personal training session filled with unusual exercises with pulley machines and MMA training. However at about 4pm I got a text from Matt the trainer saying that he had to cover a class and could we rearrange the session. With a little research I discovered that the class he was covering was the circuits class so as I was planning to go to Steyning anyway I zoomed down there after work to take part in a circuits class run by Matt the trainer.

The class was a good one, there were kettlebells, ViPRrs, core bags, body weight exercises, cross-fit, more body weight exercises then some core work…It was much more varied than last nights class. I did enjoy it, but it really was hard work. I did learn something mind you…I now know that I can do a one-handed plank…who’d have thought it!

There is a certain advantage and disadvantage to attending a class run by your personal trainer, they know what  you should be capable of and they know your name therefore they don’t let you get away with anything. This does also mean you get a little bit more encouragement.

I am now very aware that I have done circuit training two days in a row…I am expecting to ache in the morning!

Day 11 complete 🙂

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