Day 14: Fitness test round two

Good evening ๐Ÿ™‚

I am writing this while distracted by a very good Wimbledon semi-final, in which Andy Murray is beating the pants off an increasingly grumpy tall chap.

Yesterday I struggled to do anything, I was full of aches and to be honest I wasn’t holding out much hope for today’s fitness test. However, scheduled it was so fitness day it had to be. ย I awoke this morning tired and grumpy, but 3 cups of coffee during the morning solved this and I faced the rest of the day in a much more cheerful frame of mind. Especially after I read another blog I wrote about not being a grumpy moaning Minnie ย and just choosing to be more positive.

So after a good mental talking to (no i didn’t actually talk to myself…my office is far too silent for that) I arrived home to tackle my fitness test. Although much more positive I wasn’t necessarily expecting great things, after all it has only been a week since the last one.

I started with the customary 10 min warm up on the stepper then went straight into the test with the following results:

Press ups: 25 (+2 on last week)

Sit ups: 40 (+5 )

Squats: 40 (+7)

Heart rate after step test: 110 bpm (-8 bpm)

Sit and reach: 15.2cm (-1.3cm)

So all in all an improvement in all sections apart from the sit and reach. The sit and reach was still a good result, and i have been feeling some tightness in my lower back this week so this could explain it; I also came up with a slightly more accurate measuring so last weeks.

I am immensely surprised that there is an improvement in these results ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me even more determined to continue this fitness adventure!

Day 14 Complete ๐Ÿ˜€


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