Day 15: personal training and more personal training

Good evening

Today has been a good day, I decided to get up and get going in order to make the most of it. In order to do that I made sure I scheduled a PT session at 8am 🙂

I arrived a minute after 8 to a text from Matt the trainer saying he would be there in 5 mins and to warm up which I did on an AMT machine. I learned this morning that  AMT stands for adaptive motion trainer…it seems a little bit like an elliptical cross trainer only not elliptical and you control the motion and you control the stride length by the movement of your legs. It is a good thing 🙂

When Matt the trainer arrived, the first thing we did was some dynamic stretching useful things to attempt to fix the hip stiffness and hyper-extension in my back brought on by many hours sitting at a desk during the day. Once all of this (dull but useful) stuff was out of the way we launched into our MMA training 🙂 lots of punch combos, and more kicks and lots of defense moves, seemingly the better I get at this the more he tries to catch me out by throwing in moves I have to counter, ahh well it is all good 🙂

we broke up the MMA training with a circuit of lifting up heavy weights and putting them down again… even progressed to doing bench presses with the giant bar…my balance is clearly better than i thought as I didn’t fall off the bench at all! Once the lifting and putting down again had ended, more MMA. The session ended with some kettlebells, there should always be kettlebells…although the new exercise I learned where I had to circle the kettle bell around my head was a little esoteric!

The session was excellent, hard work, but really good fun…and as you might be able to tell from the amount of stuff that was packed in, it got extended to 1.5 hours! No wonder I was in need of a bath before tackling the clearing and sorting out that filled the rest of the day!

Day 15 definitely complete albeit with a slightly late update 😀

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