Day 17: Hardest circuits to date

Good evening šŸ™‚

The title “hardest circuits to date” may sound melodramatic, of at least an exaggeration but it really really isn’t. I think I worked harder today in a circuits class than I have ever done before! It was hard right from the start as it was a very hot day which didn’t lend its self to strenuous physical exertion, however, with circuits I have employed the “motivate yourself by motivation someone else” technique and after badgering Graham into agreeing to go to circuits, I can’t back out in favour of a less enthusiastic exercise activity! It is a tried and tested method of self motivation as far as I am concerned. Any way I digress…

Circuits today was arranged in the form of team relay races where one member of the team did 5 reps of 5 different exercises while the other members did a core exercise. It was hard and constant, there were fewer breaks than normal and I am not really all that fast. I was in a team with tow tall quick people and about half way through the class I had a huge paranoia attack and began to feel like the fat one who wouldn’t get picked for a team on sports day. I know logically that I am only competing with myself and the fact that I did everything I was supposed to without taking extra breaks is what matters, but my paranoid mind was telling me that I shouldn’t even bother in the class. There were two results from this paranoia, the first was I discovered that I refused to give up and can still do exercises while crying and the second was that the class instructor came to talk to me and told me to keep going and that I was doing better in this class than any other circuit class. I know they have to be encouraging but, she wouldn’t say something as specific as that unless it was true. So this made me feel a lot better and like this experiment might actually be paying off!

All of today’s exercises were bodyweight exercises, and it was a lot more aerobic than some weeks… I really did feel like I worked hard today! Now it is all over however I am feeling pretty good and a lot more motivated than i thought I would šŸ˜€

there was one major advantage of today’s class mind you..the air conditioning in the studio was working for the first time ever!

Day 17 complete šŸ˜€


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