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Day 18: Most excellent personal training

Good evening 🙂 and Happy Tuesday

Today has been a very hot day, stupidly hot in my office, but less hot in my car due to an unexpected electric window malfunction. I only hope it stays warm as I now can’t put my window up at all…Anyway, I digress…

Due to the considerable heat of today, I wasn’t holding out much hope for my energy during today’s session. However, it was another day of surprises and I ended up having an awesome workout and feeling more even energetic than I have done in ages 🙂

We started with a warm up in which I managed to have a slight disagreement with the cross training machine…it turned out that they can be quite temperamental and do all sorts of unpredictable things like stopping reacting to any button presses and not timing anything…there might have been a tiny tiny bit of me accidentally pressing the pause button…

I then got introduced to another variety of kettle bell…I have to confess I didn’t know there was another type of kettlebell, but it turns out this was the Russian kettlebell on which the types that are springing up at gyms all over the place are based. It was bigger than the ones I am used to, It was the same weight as the one I normally use (8kg) but at least twice the size. For some reason this made it nicer to swing and use, it was a little more unruly for things like bottoms up cleans  however and when doing the clean and press, it came startlingly close to my head! so I got to do combinations of, high pulls, clean and presses, snatches and bottoms up cleans with a giant kettlebell. Seemingly every time I got good at something Matt the trainer decided to make the whole thing harder! I did bench pressing of 20kgs followed by squats and dead lifts with ViPRs then more bench pressing of 25kg this time…then just for fun, some more kettlebells!

my boxing gloves (well..a new pair the same as my boxing gloves)

Once my arms were well and truly tired, we started on the boxing section of this session, which after all, is just what you want to do when you have just been swinging kettlebells around! However, it was really good fun, I felt much more energetic than the energy sapping weather should have allowed and managed to punch and kick and defend everything  thrown at me 😀 I have even managed to start kicking higher, I can feel my flexibility returning. Matt the trainer probably can too as occasionally I kicked higher than the pad and got his arm, I promise this was not on purpose…

the session finished  with some dynamic stretching with the TRX and a little while perched on a foam  roller in a painfulish find trigger points sort of way!

As I made my drafty  way home, I reflected on the fact that I am really enjoying all of this physical exertion 🙂

Day 18 complete and on to the next! 😀

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