Day 19: sticks and standing stones

Good evening 🙂 Well, it is wednesday, so can you guess what todays activity was? What…? Parachuting..? well…no actually it was Morris practice. Ok…that wasn’t a very funny introduction really…but i thought it was mildly amusing. What? It wasn’t…ok I’ll stop tryign to be funny and get on with telling you about my exciting activity.

Mythago practice summerland
Mythago practice summerland


It was an exciting activity too, with my leg feeling better than it has in weeks, and me feeling fitter than I have for a while, I was looking forward to this evening of dancing and merriment to see how it would hold up. The answer to that was very well 😀 I caved in to peer pressure and wore my trainers to practise in rather than my boots, it was ok for today but I feel sure this policy won’t last! I danced the first dance with slight apprehension only to discover a startling lack of ouchiness. Pleased by this and enthused I went on to dance several more:

Our Henry, End of the World, Thor’s Hammer, broomstick, Star of the County Down, Maiden Castle, Standing Stones

This was all in all a very good evening, confused only slightly by having to learn new endings to dances that are already firmly ingrained in my memory…apparently this is to allow them to tell the story better, however, I can’t guarantee this will work…it could just end up with me pulling a confused face…good thing we wear masks!

Day 19 complete and excellent 😀

I remembered to stretch when i got home too, this is definitely worth bonus points!

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