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Day 21: Medieval kettlebell

Good evening…or should I say good morning… 🙂

Today’s exercise was looking like it could be a problem, I spent a lot of the day driving across the country to attend the medieval festival at Tewkesbury. I will be dancing there tomorrow and Sunday (can you guess what those blog posts will be about?!) but today was mostly travel.
I did put a little planning into this, I brought my kettlebells along so I could sneak in some clean and presses while noone was looking!
After an incredibly long and hot journey and some tent erecting and the obligatory reorganisation of the campsite the time ha come to walk around the festival in search of food. This took about 20 mins but some of that was just standing so I thought this couldn’t actually be counted as anything other than a warm up. So after this I headed back to the campsite and dug my kettlebells out of the truck and did approximately 20 mins if kettlebell exercises, including:
2 hand swings, 1 handed swings, clean and press, bottoms up clean and some (many) squats. 🙂

So day 21 complete in a campsite at a medieval festival 😀

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