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Day 24: It’s Monday, it’s 8:30, it’s time for circuits

Good evening πŸ™‚

OK…I know it is not 8:30 now but it was when I started so shhh!

Before I get on to todays activity, I would like to add one more apology to the ones in yesterday’s (this morning’s) blog. I apologise for the lack of fitness test results last week, the Friday exercise environment did not lend its self to consistent testing and I was in no state to do it yesterday when I got home what with all the dancing and walking and heat. I promise to do the test again this week πŸ™‚

Now on to tonight’s class, as you may have gathered Monday is circuits night πŸ™‚ I attend the same circuits class with a friend of mine every Monday night. Now it is the same class, in the same slot, but it doesn’t contain the same exercises, of format from one week to the next, this helps to keep the class interesting. Today, walking in to the room provided no immediate clues about what we were in for…the room was completely empty apart form the other participants and the instructor… after some surreptitious looking around during the warm up (by surreptitious I mean I moved my head about) I spied some kettlebells. I considered this a good sign!

the first half of today’s session was hard work in a cardio sort of way, we were in pairs (which i much prefer to last weeks teams!) and while one did shuttle runs, the other did a specified body weight exercise once 6 shuttle runs had been completed you could swap over. this lasted for 3 mins, then the whole thing began again with a different bodyweight exercise. this was repeated for press-ups, crunches and squats.

Once this was complete we slightly changed the format, we were still in pairs, but this time one ran to the other end of the room Β did 5 burpees then ran back while the other did a kettlebell exercise this again carried on for 3 mins and was repeated for 3 different kettlebell exercises (squat+front raise, Squat into shoulder press, pistol squat)

the second part of the class was ab work, still in pairs we took it in turns to do crunches, leg push downs and sit ups with a twist. Hard work but straight forward to understand, which is a good thing on a very warm Monday evening.

The last part of the class was where is descended into hilarity and confusion (for me any way) the instructor had invented a series of exercises involving one of the pair resting their weight on their arms and the other holding up their feet. Then trying to perform something that can only really be described as a cross between a press up and the wheelbarrow race from schools sport day! I have to confess these were not mys tong point, when it was Grahams turn I ended up pulling him over and when it was my turn, my core was not up to it and I ended up face first on the floor. we decided at this point that we had better just do press ups while everyone else was faffing about being in sports day…

The last thing I would like to say about today’s class, was that Mr “I’m so fit and strong that I can do even harder exercises than asked” you are not impressing anyone with all that strutting and smug facial expression! you may be tall and look like you spend hours in a gym, but jumping up, looking smug and staring fixedly at those who are not as good as you only makes you look like a t**t. You will not intimidate me out of the class…you will not cause me to believe than I am less than I am… I know exactly how good I am and that is better than I was before, which is what I aim for every week πŸ™‚

Day 24 complete and positively so πŸ˜‰




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