Days 22 & 23: Hotter than strictly necessary

Good day people

Firstly I apologise for 2 things, 1) the lateness of this post and b) the combined post for says 22 and 23. This is because days 22 and 23 were a Saturday and a Sunday which I spent having a lot of fun at a medieval festival, the one drawback was the complete lack of means of charging up my phone, I was relying on the land rover however my phone failed to notice that this was trying to charge it. so on to the fitness report. 

Saturday (day 22)

as already mentioned, this was spent at the largest medieval festival in the UK performing with my morris side. What I failed to mention was that it was at least 29ºC probably more in the full sun and we were dressed like this:

Mythago morris dance at Tewkesbury Medieval festival on the hottest weekend of the year (thanks to Heather Henthorn for the photo)

I am in that picture, I am the dancer furthest to the right. So that was part of my exercise for the day, dancing, in an exceptionally hot field dressed in what very soon turned into a sauna suit! The amount of dancing we did was cut down from the normal mythago dance outs, to one set where we each did 2 or 3 dances (in most cases) so that we didn’t all collapse of severe dehydration and heat stroke. Once the dancing was complete, (and before the dancing started) the day was filled with walking and looking at medieval camps and stalls and historically inaccurate double-headed battle axes. This is was (exercise wise) topped off with a 45 min walk from the camp to Tewkesbury town centre 🙂

Day 22 definitely complete

Day 23

The Sunday had a very similar feel to the Saturday we did an other set of dancing in the blistering heat, I did one more dance than I did on Saturday.

Me at dancing Tewkesbury (thanks to Graham Hyde for the photo)

The rest of the day involved some walking around, between medieval stalls and the campsite and the car park. the main exercise of the day was the dancing but the walking definitely counted too :-).

so Day 23 also complete.

It was a hot sticky crazy but exceptionally good fun way to gain my days activities, it is certainly fer batter to find activities that you  enjoy that happen to be exercise-y I am very lucky to have found a morris side that has so much fun and inspires me to make myself fitter.

In addition to this, from now on this project has an extra caveat:

Project Fit enough to dance in a mask (and wear a tatter-kini by next Tewkesbury)

I have a long way to go…but i will get there 🙂

on the left a Tatter-kini (thanks to Myk (flickr) for the photos

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