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Day 25: Absence of hula hooping magnificence

Good evening 🙂

Do you remember when you played hula hoops as a child? Endless hours of hooping (hulaing?) seemed all too easy. Well tonight I discovered, that, much like trampolining, hula hooping is a whole different kettle of avocados as an adult!

Today’s plan was personal training, but a message this morning from Matt the trainer caused this to be rearranged until Saturday. So after spending some time considering my options, I decided that as it was such a nice day I would go home and do some exercising in the garden.

my hula hoop

I arrived home and dug out my hula hoop, bought last year  in a fit of experimental fitness but left un-touched since then. It is a large weighted hoop with an uneven and lumpy inner surface. This meant that when I went merrily into the garden with memories of childhood hooling (?) and set the hoop off spinning I was immediately dismayed to find myself being pummeled around the waist by a heavy hard hoop made of lumps! This was painful and unexpected, however I kept the hoop going for 20 revolutions. I was somewhat dismayed by the lack of childhood hula magnificence that I remembered, but undeterred I kept picking it up and started again. I kept the hoopling up for 15 mins, my maximum run of revolutions was 39, most goes were about 20. I was pleased to discover that the pummeling feeling lessened as I got used to it and the hooping was fun. I finished this off with some squats and a few sets of kettlebell, single handed swings, clean and presses, bottoms up cleans and high pulls for good measure. This followed by some stretching and foam rollering made for quite a nice little workout and it was nice to be out in the garden.

The added advantage of this work out, was not only did I get to exercise, but I also got to keep any eye on the fruit…I think there will be plums and apples before too long 🙂

Day 25 complete 🙂

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