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Day 28: perfect hot weather work out

Good evening 🙂

today has been another hot day filled with unbearable sitting down in an office. My fitbit obsession continues and I am still trying to find as many ways to add walking about into my daily routine, short of dancing in the kitchen, I have wandered around the demo products area attempting to look like I am doing something useful, I have started going to the loo on a different floor  (still in a loo otherwise that wold just be weird) I even started going to the photocopier on and looking at it…this could be considered slightly futile, but i is possible every little helps.

The other thing i learned this morning is that I wake up in the night a lot! and sometimes I really don’t sleep that well…however it seems that it is perfectly possible that I can survive on very little sleep. This is good to know…how did I find this out…well this is my Fitbit sleep analysis from last night…

2hrs 49 mins sleep :-S

I guess that explains why I am sometimes more tired in the morning than I think I should be….however it doesn’t seem to cause that much of a problem so that is ok 🙂

Now on to today’s work out…on a hot sticky day, what could be a better than swimming…In fact I don’t know why I haven’t spent every spare moment in the pool, the water is so nice and cool. the only drawback is that the people who frequent the pool in the evenings are both annoying and stupid…but this could be my lack of tolerance rather than anything that is actually their fault…

My local pool…if only it was this empty today!

So armed with swimming cossie (it seemed only fair to the world) and goggles I headed to the pool to plod my way through 30 lengths. I swim so slowly, I am overtaken my only ladies who swim up a d down chatting! It seems not to matter how much effort I put in, the progress gets no faster. Mind you this was the first time I have been in a pool for about 6 months so any swimming is a lot better than I expected 🙂 this whole swimming activity took me about 50 mins and I only rested once every 10 lengths so as continuous exercise goes it is pretty good. Now all I have to do is find a time with less annoying people…perhaps early mornings is the way to go 🙂

Day 28 complete…I am looking forward to a busy day 29 🙂



  1. If you go to your settings on you FitBit profile under your “Devices” tab there should be a drop down for “Sleep Tracker” you can have it set to “Normal” or “Sensitive”! Sensitive logs every little movement, whether your awake or just rolling over. Normal throws out the minor movements just records your “awake”. Yours definitely looks like it is set to sensitive. You can go back and forth between the two to see what a difference it makes!!


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