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Day 29 and 30: Training and dancing and stretching it all out

Good evening 🙂

This two day post at a weekend is becoming a habit, but it does at least give me more to write about! Starting with sleep…After the fitbit analysis of my sleep on Thursday night, I was slightly concerned about the constant waking. Some very helpful advice given on Friday’s blog by Carol Ann S I adjusted my fitbit settings to take the sleep monitoring from sensitive to normal. I also took a radical approach to getting more sleep, I went to bed early…I was actually in bed by 10:30 more or less and laid down to sleep at 11. This is unheard of for me! The third factor was slightly beyond my control, it was cooler on Saturday night. which ever one of these things made the difference, my fitbit told me that I managed to sleep for 8 hours…I still woke up 11 times mind you. So that was my sleeping…I am hoping I can build on the improvement, but I suspect the main factor was the heat…which I have no control over sadly!

Now for the exercise…

Day 29 (Saturday)

Saturday started early (for a Saturday) with a trip to Steyning to meet Matt the trainer who thought that doing interval sprints on the cross trainer was an excellent way to wake me up! It did wake me up…I can’t deny it but it was something of a shock to the system…They do work well though for heart rate raising 🙂 this was followed by some strength training, it surprises me every week that I am strong enough to use the grown up weights, and Matt the trainer seems to up the weight every week…I am also slightly surprised that I have not yet fallen off the bench while doing bench presses with the big long bar!

This was followed by Thai boxing training interspersed with some kicking control exercises and some more weight training 🙂 including some trx training which is considerably harder than fit people make it look!

So that was Saturday morning, it prepared me well for Saturday afternoon when we had, yes, you guessed it, a dance out! So I donned my boots, tatters, mask and bells and set off to do some energetic stick clashing and yelling all in aid over morris dancing entertainment. Thankfully it was not as hot as last week, as I was down to do 10 out of the 12 dances in the performance…It was a small turn out dancer wise so we all had to do a few but with all this fitness training I have been doing recently, I actually felt I could carry on 🙂

So, i a most excellent and fun way, Day 29 complete 🙂

Day 30 (Sunday)

Pilates Core Roll Up

Sunday hailed the return of the incredibly hot weather,  I decided to start this day with a session of stretching and strengthening core muscles and generally resetting my body in the form of a Pilates class. It was the same class I went to 2 weeks ago, but this time with a different instructor, and accompanied by my friend Jen. It is always better to do exercise with a friend. I really enjoyed Pilates again, it seems to have the right balance of working muscles whilst focusing on core engagement and posture. I felt much better when I walked out than when I walked in (and I didn’t actually feel bad when I walked in :-)). To make this class even better, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my core strength 🙂 I could do the core roll up exercise with very little difficulty, when 2 weeks ago, I found it quite tricky!

I was very impressed with the class, I am still slightly surprised that I like Pilates so much with my normal predilection for the aggressive and intensive exercises, but as I have said, it provides a great balance! I was also impressed with the instructor, who not only knew her stuff Pilates wise, but was advocating setting achievable fitness goals, and not waiting for a predefined time such as new year to start them 😉 In case you couldn’t tell, this is something I am a fan of.

As a bonus activity, I spent a pleasant (if warm) couple of hours walking around Lewes this afternoon 🙂

Day 30 complete, and with it month 1 of the 12 month challenge 😀



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