Day 31: extra dancing in kitchen

Good evening šŸ™‚

It is Monday so officially it is circuit training day, but  first I have to mention that this fitbit thingummy  has had a peculiar effect on me! Because I now have this little gadget on my wrist reminding me how active (or not active) I have been, I am attempting to find more ways to increase my activity! today I have been dancing and jigging about in the work kitchen and the toilet every time I go and make a drink / go to the loo (respectively)…I am just pleased that no one has walked in on my while I am doing grapevines in the ladies! It did increase my number of steps but somehow I can’t manage to get to 10000…possibly because my office is quite small. Tomorrow I am going to park at the opposite end of the carpark to the building…then maybe dance on my way between the two…

any way…circuits

Running track at Broadbridge Heath leisure centre

today’s circuit class started with a warm up which (for me at least) was one lap of the track, one lap because we were slightly later and took slightly longer getting our equipment out. However, for me, who has not run in months, one lap of the track was plenty. I managed it slightly better than i thought I would too, I only stopped and walked twice and only for a very few seconds. the vast majority was running šŸ™‚ the rest of the circuits was a little bit body pump styled, as the circuits class is soon going to be cancelled and replaced with body pump. It was more intensive than body pump and I used heavier weights than I ever use at body pump though so I have a sneaky suspicion that my arms especially will ace in the morning šŸ™‚ It was good to focus on a lot of strength training, but it does mean i should try to get some extra cardio in this week, probably in the form of running…

why running I hear you ask? Well…I have signed up for a 5k race, in 6 weeks time! I am doing the colour run in Brighton which is a 5k run mixed with a large powder paint fight šŸ™‚ so I need to get training…hopefully starting in the morning šŸ™‚ as with all good 5k paint fights, this one is for a very good cause, the charity involved it Stand up to Cancer, so if anyone fancies sponsoring me then please feel free…

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Day 31 Complete šŸ™‚

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