Day 33: Rhapsody in Orange

Good evening πŸ™‚

Guess what today’s activity was…welll yes…it was dancing…it is Wednesday…it is in fact Wicked Wacky Stick Wednesday πŸ™‚ However today was a Morris practice with a difference, we spent this evening entertaining the general public I the quiet village of Maplehurst at the White Horse pub.

The White Horse, Maplehurst

Small quite village it might be 99% of the time, but just occasionally the peace is shattered by a bunch of stick clashing, whooping, yelling jangling Border Morris dancers commonly known as Mythago. Tonight was one of those times. We descended on the place instead of out normal practice hall and, as we were in public we were in full kit and masks. AND…this was the very exciting bit for me…we got to wear coloured kit! So I looked like this:

Orange Kit πŸ™‚

I love my orange kit! It is so orange…and moves so well…it is so swishy πŸ™‚ and exercise wise, the mask and about 50 tonnes of material on the kit, and the boots that weight 2kg each, all make all the aerobic dancing so much more…exercise-y

I did, Our Henry, King of the Fairies, Standing Stones, Avebury Ring, Maiden Castle, Fanny Frail, and possibly more that I have forgotten. It was lots and lots of fun and, have I mentioned that I love my orange kit πŸ˜€

Just in case, Β all the dancing was not enough…I decided to up my fitbit steps and activity points buy running up and down the garden a couple of times…to use up the extra energy πŸ™‚

So…that means…

Day 33 Complete πŸ˜€ and completely orange!

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