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Day 35: Early morning PT wake up

Good evening 🙂

due to a combination of yesterdays lack of motivation, and Tuesday’s postponement of my pt session, I decided to have a pt session early this morning to get it out of the way. It was a shock to the system and quite an abrupt way to wake up. I have to say, it was a very successful way to wake up. We started with Thai boxing and MMA training, all carried out in a dance studio, which has  highlighted a special talent of mine (apart from rapidly speeding up reflexes and good punches…I have the ability to do 1/2 an hour of MMA in a room with one wall made entirely of mirrors, and not see my reflection once! I am choosing not to assess the psychological implications of this talent just at the moment 🙂

The other thing about MMA in the dance studio, is there is a lot more moving about, there is more space than in the gym so Matt the trainer makes the most of it! Once we had done the first half hour, we adjourned to the gym and spent some time doing trx training and balance and strength exercise using the pulley machine with a bar attachment. It is surprising how tricky it is to balance when doing a lunge then a shoulder press with a bar attached to pulleys so the whole thing is trying to pull you over…apparently it is good for you and balance is a useful thing to cultivate. Then a return to the trx for some exercises the involved me holding my own body weight still in different positions, this is harder than you think!

Photo: TRX Challenge - try out the new TRX equipment and see if you can get your name on the leader board.  Challenge 1 (beginners) Suspended Press Ups.  Post your results here.  If you haven't used the TRX before ask an instructor for a demonstration.

Matt the Trainer demonstrating TRX

this was followed by more MMA punching and kicking and defence and general fighting combinations, this time in the gym…i quite like doing this in the gym because despite being small and not the skinniest person in the world, I am good at it, and I get to do really aggressive looking , fast and complicated things. (nope…no psychological assessment of that either) This set was harder, the addition of extra kicks between every combination certainly keeps you working hard!

once the aggressive looking training was done, we finished off with some weights using the large heavy bar…and weights totaling 30 kg… I can bench press 30kg…which is an improvement as 2 weeks ago I could only do 25 woohoo more improvement! the other thing we did in this strength part of the session was things prefixed with “plyometric” the first one was with the barbell…a plyometric chest press…this means…really slowly on the down part of the exercise, and explosively as fast as possible upwards. the other plyometric thing we did was a plyometric box jump…for some reason i had to have my  knees tied together with a stretchy band then keep my legs shoulder width apart, then jump followed by a squat to bench level…and repeat 10 times..then 10 more times…

I have discovered that plyometric means “deceptively hard odd exercises that seem to be effective” I can see why they use the term plyometric..the other one would be a bit of a mouthful in front of exercise names…

“deceptively hard odd but effective box jumps”…no I can’t see that catching on!

any way 1hr20 mins of PT later I was free to get on with my day 🙂

day 35 complete 🙂

PS: I weighed myself this morning, and am 2lbs down on Monday’s weigh in. all this activity coupled with my new healthy eating efforts are beginning to pay off. The focus of this blog is not weight loss as such, but the road to a fitter healthier me is easier to travel with a lighter me 🙂

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