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Day 36: the comfort zone and beyond

Good evening 🙂

Apparently this weekend it is a year since the Olympics were in full swing in Britain…well…that has gone by fast! There are all sorts of anniversary celebrations going on including Billingshurst leisure centre best of British day which was today. This lead to two things…1) there being a whole range of free taster sessions as well as the normal classes and b)the instructor wearing a union jack tutu…

photo (4)

Possibly not the best photo of the instructor and her union jack tutu…

this instructor is the same person who took my Pilates class last week, she is a non intimidating believable instructor. She is obviously very fit and all the things that go with being a fitness instructor, but not in an unapproachable uber skinny sort of way, but in a fit, short funny sort of way that makes you feel better about tricky gym classes!

Tricky gym classes…what tricky gym classes…so far I have only hinted that I went to one  but not in any way mentioned which one it was…well..this morning I decided it was time to return to Body Pump. A class I have attended many times before but not for quite a long time. I did enjoy it but had trouble getting my weights right, I have got quite a lot fitter and stronger since last time I did this class so found myself underestimating the weight in some cases, but most of the time not too bad…none of the tracks were easy with the weights i chose, I just think that for some of them I could have pushed a little bit harder…ahh well! I will know for next time!

Highly colourful body pump class...

Highly colourful body pump class…

The other mildly disconcerting thing about this body pump class was all the colour. All classes in the past have been serious looking black weights and the like but this time I found myself surrounded by a riot of colour coded weights. I know, this is not the main thing I should have taken away from the class but shhh! It was body pump, it was what I expect from a body pump class, hard work, but slightly funnier than normal which is definitely a good thing.

After this class came a taster for a class called fit steps. It was not (as the name might suggest a step class of the up down on and off and step liable to break an ankle type of class. It was instead an exercise class based on the strictly come dancing moves, it was dancing, but not in the style of the ubiquitous Zumba, it was definitely more ballroom. This, I hasten to add did not make it any easier! In the past dance style exercise classes have normally been beyond my comprehension and left me feeling slightly self-conscious.(that is where the beyond in the title of this post comes from…) Today however I found myself enjoying this class a great deal, it was run by the same instructor, which helped a lot…and I suspect, I am a lot more used to dancing on public then I used to be! We did cha cha cha, jive and waltz, apparently there are more, but this was only a taster. It was definitely exercise class dancing, I doubt very much that it would actually earn you a place on strictly anything but…it was great fun, interesting and definitely good and cardio! and…on top of all that…and this is a big bonus, I got to wave my arms about a lot in a pretty dramatic fashion 😀

So day 36 complete 😀

PS…I also got to my 10,000 steps goal according to my fit bit so that is another bonus 🙂

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