Day 38: Does anyone remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Good evening 🙂

Does any one remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? More specifically the mall scene with Joan of Arc? it looks a little like this…

Joan of Arc doing Aerobics from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

for those of you who haven’t seen it, in a nutshell, Joan of Arc is brought forward into the present (well the 1980s), sees aerobics going on then takes over as the instructor. This is relevant I promise…

Today, Monday, it is normally circuit training day but, as my circuit training partner in crime Graham couldn’t attend this evening so I thought I would have a change. So I found a class that took place slightly earlier in the evening. It was aerobics, and it was very much like a traditional aerobics class from the 1980s but with less pink lycra.  Now you will see the relevance of the above reference, the instructor was petite with short brown hair; she was very enthusiastic and there was a lot of arm waving. I spent at least half of the class thinking “she reminds me of Joan of Arc from Bill and Ted” it was somewhat distracting!

It was quite a different class to what I am used to, it was good heart rate raising cardio. We have become used to “body xxxx” with classes split into 3 or 4 minute tracks with a water break in between each, this one was much more continuous, the whole continued moving with only one official water break, from a stamina point of view this made a nice change. From a hard work point of view, it was not a patch on circuits so, it was a bit of fun for a change, but in general I think…return to circuits next week 🙂

However in a 1980s style, Day 38 complete, be excellent to each other 🙂


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