Day 39: wakefulness through exercise

Good evening 🙂

I started today very tired, my early morning attempts to drag myself out of bed to go for a run started promisingly but soon after that went awry when I put myself back into bed and slept for another 45 minutes!

However during the day I made a concerted effort to become awake, I started with my normal caffeine boost but as well as that I continued my stealth office work out policy. Approximately every 1 – 1.5 hours today I went for a little walk around the office, did some dancing in the loos and some squats and stretching…I think it woke me up…it definitely got me moving during the day and exercise wise, every little helps. And looking back, I actually got through the day on only 2 cups of coffee.

All of this lead me to being awake enough to attend my personal training session this evening with more enthusiasm and energy than I thought I would at 6 am! So today’s main exercise session was personal training. We did the usual mixture of MMA combined with strength, coordination and core exercises. In the MMA we added in a new parry and a shoulder roll  defence. lots of speed defence work and punch kick combinations.

Strengthwise, we did bench presses, 30 kg and straight leg deadlifts, 25kg. This made me happy, when we started this personal training saga, I found straight leg deadlifts very tricky with only 17 kg so I am definitely improving. We did complicated bodyweight lifting , core and balance exercises  with the trx and then some stretching. All very good fun and hard work. But I walked out feeling more awake and, I noticed today that there is no left over twinges at all in my hip flexors. So all very good results and…

Day 39 complete 😀

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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