Day 41:The Zumba question

Good evening 🙂

The question in question is do I really like zumba or not?

Thursdays are rapidly becoming “pick a random class out of a hat and try it” days…this has lead to Body balance (probably a mistake) and now Zumba. I, as I did with body balance, chose Zumba tonight at the Broadbridge health leisure centre mainly because they are the only ones who have air conditioning in their workout class room.  I also thought, well…I like dancing, Fit Steps was good…why not try Zumba…lots and lots of people like it…but then I am not known for liking the same things as other people, but I thought I’d give it a chance.

Apprehensive , though I was, I had high hopes for Zumba, after all, the adverts promise this:

I was expecting high energy exciting dances run by a stereo typical dancer-esque instructor.

That was my first surprise, the instructor was short with short brown hair and a slightly less dancerly physique than a stereotypical zumba instructor…this should ave been a good thing, but somehow it wasn’t, she looked slightly uncomfortable with the whole Zumba thing. She was obviously trained in zumba, she seemed nice, just like shoe would ave been more comfortable with a different class. It transpires she was a stand in while the normal instructor was away.

So we got underway, there was dancing and arm waving in a vague sort of way and steps that were recognisable from different dance styles, what there wasn’t was any actual instruction, no real explanation of what was going on, no enthusiastic, motivating (?) shouting and such like, in fact there were times when I was putting more bounce and energy in than the instructor. There were also times when I definitely made stuff up as I went along…

My Zumba class, just before we started 🙂

The most annoying thing about zumba…is that it has destroyed my complete lack of knowledge of that gang nam thing. I had no idea what the dance was like, I had not heard more than a snippet of the music and now, I have been forced to take part and watch middle aged women (and 2 men) attempting to do this “dance” I  mostly looked outraged during the whole track.

So…do I like Zumba…I don’t know…I had fun in places, moving about and waving my arms about in a dramatic way, but I was also annoyed and confused in places too. Will I try again with the proper instructor, maybe, we will just have to see what next Thursday brings…

day 41 complete in a confusing sort of way 🙂

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