Day 42: Do you know where your towel is? (or Did I do something to offend Thor?)

Good Afternoon 🙂

This morning, I hatched a cunning plan: mark would drop me off at the gym before 7 so I could go to the gym then walk to work and he could get home in time for 8am…it all went very well…until I left the gym to walk to work then 2 things went wrong…

1) Mark’s “it takes 10 mins” when I asked him how long it took to walk from the gym to my work actually meant it is 1.5 miles and takes nearly half an hour…
b) as soon as I left the gym grounds, big splatty rain started pouring out of the sky accompanied by thunder and lightning… (very very frightening)
So a got to work a) late and 2) soggy!
So that was my morning…I did go to the gym however, and I did the short version of the program I set up with Matt the trainer, it started with a warm up on the AMT (?) machine, then moved on to bike sprints. I both hate and love bike sprints. They are undoubtedly effective, 20 mins gentle the 20 mins flat out as fast as you can for 4 mins makes you more tired and wobblier legged and gets you heart rate going far more than 30 mins steady paced cardio machine. They are however hurty and hard work…but then I suppose that is the point!
From bike sprints it was time to run the gauntlet of thousand yard stares in the free weights area…there seemed to be a lot of that going on…people doing a few reps with something heavy then sitting for ages just staring off into nothing! Come on people, have you never heard of super sets?! Any way, I got to the weights eventually, with the customary funny looks and did my sets of Squats with 10kg (I need to up this next time) Straight leg dead-lift (25kg), dumbbell chest press (12 kg each hand) and tricep extensions (12 kg each hand) I did them in a circuit so i didn’t have to stare into space for ages, it seemed much more efficient and kept my heart rate up 🙂
Then cross trainer sprints, which are just like bike sprints, only on a cross trainer (ok…that was obvious but you never know)
Then transverse lunges and core (bridge and plank)
not too bad for 40 mins work 🙂
It was after all this that I think I might have done something to annoy Thor, I left the gym with what i thought was plenty of time for a nice walk to work. I had been going 2 minutes when the first giant splats of rain came falling down out of a black looking sky, this turned into a steady downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning. There was no option but to continue with the walking as it was the only way to get where I was going but I was pretty soggy by the time I got to work…10 mins later than billed as the walk was longer than advertised. The thing that makes me thing it was personal was the thunderstorm lasted from 2 mins into my journey, until I walked up the steps to work when it stopped raining and became a cloudy day with sunny intervals!
However, despite the rain, I actually enjoyed my walk to work and am trying to figure out how to fit it in more often 🙂
So in a soggy way Day 42 complete!
Look day 42 and not a single mention of the meaning of life…but I’ll tell you this…I was really glad of my towel!
My Soggy Walk
My Soggy Walk

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