Day 43: I don’t hate running after all

Good evening 🙂

So it  has been a busy weekend, I spent it visiting my Dad. I have heard people say that they couldn’t exercise because they were away or busy, or some such, but this weekend, I proved that (for me at least) this isn’t true 🙂

Sorry about the slightly late write-up of Saturday…

My running shoes

As I was only vaguely aware of the plans for the weekend, the first thing I did on Saturday morning was go for a run, I decided that if I went for a run, I could get my daily activity out of the way. That way it wouldn’t matter what we ended up doing. I would have already completed my 30 minus of activeness. It also meant I was on step (actually quite a few steps but shhh) further along in my 5k training.

Well, technically,  the first thing I did on Saturday morning was get up at 6:45 and argue with myself about whether I really wanted to go for a run.  However, once I had convinced myself that I was already up so I may as well just go, I got up and out and embarked on the second day of the c25k program. Despite the debate about whether I wanted to run, I actually found my self enjoying myself. I was running in Raunds, Northamptonshire, it was a lovely sunny morning but still early enough to be cool and I had the streets completely to myself! I don’t think people in Raunds go out very early on Saturday mornings, and none of them seem to run at that time…at least, if they do, they don’t do it in the town. So with such a lovely morning, I enjoyed my run, felt generally better while doing it and went further in the same time as last time, thus leading  me to believe I am improving. I went 3.07 km run pace 7.45min/km, walk pace 10.59 min/km.

Part of Saturday's walk
Part of Saturday’s walk

Saturday afternoon as it turns out was spent walking nearly 4 miles around a bird reserve 🙂 so maybe I didn’t need to do my run after all..but I am glad I did, it made me feel better and made me remember that I don’t hate running 🙂 and it meant that I got my highest step count yet on the fitbit…



Saturday fitbit :-)
Saturday fitbit 🙂

Therefore…Day 43 Complete 😀

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