Day 44: Functional training

Good Morning 🙂

Sorry this write up is late too…I decided to split Saturday and Sunday into two posts this week, otherwise it was looking like getting very long.

Sunday morning and part of the afternoon was spent travelling back from my Dad’s and try as I might, there is no exercise I can fit in to the passenger seat of a Landrover…so I had to wait until I got home.  As this week hasn’t contained a rest activity day yet, I thought Sunday would be the ideal day for “resting”. I have also been hearing recently about “functional training” the concept is based around training the body for activities performed in every day life. I decided to try this out…and train my body for every day activities by doing some every day activities…

Our lawnmower
Our lawnmower

I know that is not really functional conditioning, as that is technically exercises at a gym or some such thing designed to mimic the every day activity, but I don’t see why it can’t be this way round too, and there is no reason at all that you can’t get your daily activity in and do something useful at the same time, in this particular case mowing the lawn. So that is our lawnmower, it is a petrol driven thing and the picture doesn’t really provide a scale… the handle is mid chest height on me so it is not a small lump of machinery!

Mowing the lawn may seem like a cop-out activity, but it really isn’t. Not only is the lawnmower a pretty big thing the to be maneuvered (working core and arms) but the lawn mowing its self is a pretty big undertaking…to make my point I think you need a picture of my garden…

My garden
My garden

This is my garden and ig goes on half as far again beyond the trees you can see at the end! So my lawn mowing activity involved 1.5 hours of walking about maneuvering a lawn mover and at least on go at taking the grass box to be emptied…this should have been two goes, but the thing was so big I couldn’t lift it well enough to tip the grass out…it was not too heavy, just to unwieldy! All in all a good, “rest activity” that also made my garden look a good deal tidier 🙂

It also allowed me to get to 10000 steps again on the fitbit, and in fact provided nearly 8000 of those steps 🙂


Day 44 Complete 🙂

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