Day 45: New found burpee ability

Good evening 🙂

As this is the fourth post I have written today, I will keep it short for now. As you might have guessed by now, Monday night is circuit training night. After last week’s hiatus and odd venture into 1980s style aerobics the return to circuits was a welcome one. It takes place at Broadbridge Heath leisure centre, which has always struck me as a cross between an old fashioned social club and leisure centre. It became apparent today that this is not necessarily a bad thing, I saw several people from other classes who greeted me in a friendly way and such, this is beyond my general anti social sphere of reference, but was actually quite nice.

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre

Anyway, on to circuits class, it was a fairly standard set up of 3 mini circuits made up from 4 different exerted isles which we worked around in groups of 4. Each mini circuit contained a balance of arms, legs, abs and aerobic fitness, and I think it was this mixture rather than the usual 4 abs, 4 arms etc arrangement that made it harder. There was less rest for each area in between.
I started with burpees, I would love to say that it was foresight on my part and I was getting the hard one out of the way first…the truth is really that I forgot what that particular station was :-S

The biggest revelation to me today is that I can now carry out a burpee properly, all proper squat thrust-y and every thing! The other revelation is that I can now do more of them than I ever could before…the main problem with that is, I have to do more of them than I ever have! I believe this is supposed to be a good thing… A sign of progress or some such thing :-p

We did the whole thing twice over with each exercise lasting a minutes then did extra core and ab the end. It was hard work today, but good hard work 😀

Day 45 complete 🙂

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