The Dr Who Contingency (or the real reason I am learning to run)

Ok…I decided it was time for a little insight into how my brain works (or some might say the evidence that my brain doesn’t really work…)

As you might have already realised, I am embarking on the c25k program, I have run on and off for a few years but as I have had a long break I decided that a good beginner program was the way to go. I have thus far on this blog cited the reason for my taking up running as “I want to get much fitter for dancing” and “I have signed up for the colour run so need to train”. Both of these things are true…but there is another truth behind them all.

Have any of you seen Dr Who? Have you noticed the amount of time they spend running? Well, if you have seen the show, of course you have it is a running (ha sorry) joke! If you haven’t seen the show…well…do something about that immediately! Go away and watch it…all! it will take you about 372hrs 43 mins and 54 seconds, and if you haven’t got that long, watch it since they brought it back with the 9th Doctor, that will take you about 85.5 hours… go and do it now…this blog isn’t going anywhere!

Now we are all on the same page…

How can I possibly become a Dr Who companion if I can’t run, there would be all sorts of accidentally blown up planets and people falling off things and all sorts of mishaps just because I couldn’t get my self moving! This would never do! I want to be ready, fit and capable of running as much as necessary if the TARDIS happens to land in my back garden or place of work or where ever!

I know there are those of you about there who will doubt my grip on reality and what have you but to them I say a) shhhhh and 2) just you wait until I reveal that I started learning kickboxing so I can be Buffy!

Just in case anyone doubts the necessity of running as a companion, here are a few pictures:

And of course…someone else already said it…somewhat more concisely than me…but at least it proves that I am not alone 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Dr Who Contingency (or the real reason I am learning to run)

  1. […] I run in case I am ever called upon to spend time in the TARDIS with the Doctor, or fill in for the Doctor in any way. There is always running involved, and If I am not very good at it I will get captured, or exterminated or deleted or some such thing!! I explained it all in a post I titled “The Doctor Who Contingency” in August 2015. […]


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