Dy 47: lost in the Labyrinth

Good evening 🙂

No I didn’t just stay in and watch old films with David Bowie in…

It is Wednesday it is of course dancing day, the day of the week where mythago morris pick up sticks and aim to perfect their awsomeness ready for the next public performance. we were a tiny bit short on dancers today due to holiday and the like. This just meant I got to dance more which is great, it did however also mean that there was no avoiding the dance I normally pretend I don’t exist for…it is a complicated dance by the name of Labyrinth. It is one that for some reason I can’t quite get my head round…

here it is…

as it happened, I only went wrong once…and it wasn’t catastrophic so that is not too bad 🙂 it was a fun evening full of dancing around in an energetic manner…It was also an evening of learning two complicated new dances, another not quite as complicated dance, and a dance I know really well in a place I don’t know very well at all! These are all good things though 🙂 and all very good cardio exercises to boot!

This is what I did:

Parma ham, Witch hunt, Sticky Dance (which probably has another name) (twice), Labyrinth, Tralee Gaol, more labyrinth so I could learn the bit I got wrong, our Henry, triskele and of course Fanny Frail.

I am now out of the labyrinth so… day 47, complete 🙂

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