Day 48: Finally a useful lunchtime, (or complete avoidance of killer squirrels)

Good afternoon 🙂

I have been meaning to use my lunch break for something useful for ages, I have even taken my running stuff to work on  two occasions to no avail! Well today that all changed. I took my stuff, spent the entire morning talking myself into it,  and actually managed to get outside and go for a run. 😀

View down the road. (thank you google)

It turned out to be a nice run and I enjoyed it, this is getting to be a habit. I decided to go somewhere different today, I have never turned left out of my work before (on foot) so I thought I would go that way. It is not a bad area to run in, there are trees and the road it not too busy. I decided to run along this road and see where I got to, turning round at the halfway mark.

However, there was a surprise in store just down the road as I discovered a path leading off through some woods. It was nice and solid looking as paths go, not too narrow or muddy and there was a notice board on the way in, all good signs that I wasn’t going to end up in a woodland full of psychos and killer squirrels!

Complete lack of killer squirrels

This turned out to be a nice route through woodland and over a couple of little bridges across streams I had no previous knowledge of! When I emerged at the other side of the woods, I even knew where I was, which with my sense of direction is quite an achievement! I went along the road at the other side for an interval and turned back at the half way point as planned. The return journey still held no malicious wildlife, there was a moment of Yorkshire terrier peril when, after being abandoned by his West-highland terrier buddies the tiniest Yorkshire terrier I have ever seen chose to sit down in front of me. This caused me to swerve at the last minute while exclaiming “eeek a tiny dog” this naming of him caused him to move.

this was a pretty successful run, it was only week 1 day 3 pf the c25k so still run walk intervals, but I went further in the same time, indicating that I am getting faster, or possibly just being able to run the whole of my run intervals 🙂

the stats are: 3.17 km completed, walk pace: 9.31 mins/km run pace 8.18 mins/km.

I am pretty happy with this, I am not running much faster than I am walking, but I am improving so this is what matters 🙂

Day 48 complete (although I might do some more, depending on evening commitments) 😀

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