Day 49: why does it always rain on me…

is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

Ok…probably not, but it was too good a music reference to miss 🙂 (it is “Why Does it Always Rain on Me?” by Travis by the way…in case some of you are not aware :-))

To be honest it was my own fault that I got soggy this morning, but not doing exercise this morning would have made the rest of the day more tricky so I decided to get it done early. I have also discovered that exercise wakes you up even more than coffee, so doing it first thing in the morning is useful for the productivity of the day! 

I decided to capitalise on the success of yesterday’s lunchtime run and go for another one, so this morning I did week 2 day 1 of the c25k program. The running intervals are longer, but there are longer walk intervals in between to make up for it. I found that I was even better at completing my full run intervals than I was yesterday even though they were longer 🙂 This program doesn’t seem to build up and work in the way I would write myself a program, but it is working and a proven successful way to start running so I am going with it and doing what I am told 🙂

horsham park
Horsham Park

For long winded reasons I need to be in town today with no car, so consequently I got a lift in to Horsham and went for a run around the park. There it is, on the left there I went all the way round it 🙂 and I enjoyed it immensely! Despite the drizzle it was not cold and I was running anyway and it was a good chance to look around the park. I saw many birds, robins, blackbirds and of course fat pigeons, and still no killer squirrels. I also discovered that there is a whole new section to the Horsham park that I didn’t know about. Someone has built a sculpture garden in there! I need to go back when I am not running and have a proper look 🙂

My running stats were; Distance 3.47 km (yay further!) run pace 8.22 mins /km, walk pace 9.12 mins/km. I am pretty happy with that 🙂

After my run, I walked from the gym (which conveniently is also in the park so I could shower there) to work. This is the same tactic I used last week, my legs complained slightly more this week after a run rather than last week’s strength training but it was still a good walk 🙂 It did, however, rain quite a lot more during this walk causing me to think I had yet again offended a weather deity and was forced to turn up at work soggy. to pu this into context, it stopped raining within 10 mins of me arriving and the rest of the week has been bright sunshine. Never mind it was fun anyway 😀

Day 49 Complete 🙂 

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