Day 49: Supplementary walking

Good morning 🙂

I am catching up with my write-ups form over the weekend, this is a supplement to the one I already wrote on Friday, I decided that there was so much extra walking that it deserved its own. By the time I arrived at work Friday morning I had completed 9000 of the days target of 10000 steps, as normal the office part of the day only offered limited walking opportunities. However, Friday was a half day and I was spending the afternoon meeting up with friends going to the Ballet…ok…this doesn’t sound like exercise but bear with me. The first activity on this agenda was a walk into town from work, this was 2 miles worth of walking, then the trip up to London and we chose to walk between places instead of automatically getting the tube…and suffice to say that by the time I returned home in the evening, I had clocked up 23000 steps and walked over 10 miles. I decided this was noteworthy hence the little extra post.

fitbit 23000
Fitbit stats from Friday 9th August

This was a very good day the Bolshoi Ballet was excellent, and I only had to threaten to kill people once on the train to get more space. I was joking, I wouldn’t really have killed people…but I really really don’t like people who have no idea of personal space and keep poking me with a burger king bag full of smelly burger king!

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