Day 50: Morning Hula-behooping and photo madness!

Good morning 🙂

Still catching up on posts, now we come to Saturday…crazy crazy Saturday! There were lots of things going on at my house this Saturday all in the name of a group of people becoming better portrait type photographers…but not your normal portrait photographers, we had powder paint flying around, powder paint being propelled by cannons, Gothic fairies, tree sprites, floating picture frames, light painting, and surreal masked ghost angels! It was all good fun and was set to take up most of the day. so In order to get the days exercise in I decided to get up early and do some running…this plan was scuppered slightly by waking up and realising 2 things…1) I had only been asleep 4 hours and needed another hour in order to function, and b) my legs really hurt from all the running and walking the previous day!

My Kettlebells :-)
My Kettlebells 🙂

After an extra hours sleep, I arose and embarked on a workout in my garden which involved, 15 minutes of hula hooping, I am improving at this, slowly, I didn’t count but the hoop-y sessions were definitely longer and I dropped it less often than previous times. I then did 15 mins of kettle bells (on arm swing, clean and press, bottoms up clean, high pull) and body weight exercises, squats, sit ups leg raises. all this followed by stretching made my achy legs feel better and ensured I got my requisite exercise for the day 🙂 The other thing I remembered doing this, is I really like my kettlebells, I should use them more…

As it happened, I did a considerable amount of walking around during the day to add to this exercise, lots of walking crawling, climbing jumping and playing on my mini trampoline that I revived for a shoot and have now decided to use as the piece of exercise equipment it is meant to be :-). I ended up with another high steps day:

fitbit sat
Saturday stats

not quite as far as Friday, but I am happy with 5 1/2 miles up and down my garden 🙂 what with that and the hula hooping and kettle bell routine I consider that:

Day 50 is complete 😀




Edit: This is an example of the sort of craziness that was going on on saturday, It is a fantastic photo (despite having me in it) taken by my good friend Rachel Raee, have a look at more of her photos here: (

floating frame
Awesome photo by Rachel

I am the one with the crazy red/brown hair Compared to the photo of me on the inspiration page, I think it shows some progress around the face 🙂 still a way to go….but this is only day 50 so not too bad 🙂

(the pretty one in the photo is Jen)


4 thoughts on “Day 50: Morning Hula-behooping and photo madness!

      1. Thank you 😀
        It is sometimes hard to see the difference until you see something like this 🙂 and people who see you avery day don’t really notice until there is a dramatic difference.


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