Challenge Number 1 (the colourful one)

Good afternoon 🙂

I have decided that along with the overall challenge of working out in some form or other for an entire 365 consecutive days, I will keep my motivation up with extra challenges. These could be anything health and fitness related, from running in events, to yoga, to eating only prawns for a month. (ok…that last one is probably not going to happen…it doesn’t sound that healthy…but you get the idea)

The first one of these challenges, I have blogged about before but I though it was worth a post all of its very own! It takes place on September 14th this year (eeek that is 1 month today…I’d better get running more :-S)

Colour run 🙂

I have decided to take part in the colour run (ok it is supposed to be the color run as it is and american event but this ont is in Brighton UK and I am english so the U stays!). This is a 5k event, and I think it is designed to be fun rather than a serious run as fast as you can deal. After all…you get covered in powder as you go…it can’t be that serious! I decided that as a first run for 3 years it was not a bad place to start 🙂

for more information go here:
or here


the other thing about this run is it is for charity, it is for Stand Up To Cancer in collaboration with Cancer Research UK. which I think we can all agree is a decent cause 🙂 if you would like to contribute, my just giving page is here:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

if you feel like running with me, and playing in powder then the top link has the registration details…ok…you probably have to be one of my UK friends to do this but the offer is there 🙂

I will, of course be posting pictures and updates when the time comes 🙂

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


  1. I’m thinking (vaguely) about doing the Birmingham one of these this year… I’ve only just done the first week of the couch to 5k though. Is this a good one for very beginner runners? It looks more fun than most!


    1. yes it is 🙂 I was very much a beginner runner (still am really) when I did this!

      there are a lot of people which helps and a lot of people not running or not running the whole thing. and people throw colours at you which is fun, you can’t really actually run through the colour stations it is too busy and dusty so walking is acceptable and expected 🙂

      it is definitely not a serious race.
      It is one to run with other people though, it seems like it would be a bit sad on your own. mind you I was going to do it on my own, it was only a coincidence that Lisa happened to be doing it!


      1. I had to go really far back on your blog to find it! You’re definitely not a beginner any more though.

        It looks like so much fun, I see what you mean about running it with other people though – and most of the people I know who would consider it are “proper” runners, I’m not sure they’d want me slowing them down! I will consider!


      2. they will probably be happy to run it with you as a fun day!
        noone runs the colour run to get a good 5k time, it is more about the party than the run…it is not even officially timed 🙂

        I was going to offer to come and run it with you, but I just looked up the day and I am busy that day 😦


      3. That’s a shame, that would have been awesome! I’ll ask about and see if anyone fancies it – maybe I can persuade a non-runner to do it if I tell them a lot of mine will be walking! 🙂


      4. it would have been awesome 😀

        If anything changes I will let you know 🙂

        try everyone…I normally do blanket facebook who wants to do this thing announcements…I normally get someone 🙂


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