Day 54: Dancing myself dizzy

Good morning 🙂

Well yesterday was Wednesday, the ubiquitous Wicked Wacky Stick Wednesday 😀 If you have read this blog for more than a week, you know what you are getting on a Wednesday…yep…you got it Morris Dancing 😀

Of course it is practice night, so that is what we did, practice 🙂 I managed to do dances in new places, or places I am not as familiar with, and dances I have never done or done only a few times, in fact, in the whole evening there was only one dance where both the place and the dance were comfortable. All in all this is a good thing, it make me a more versatile and useful dancer…it is hard to do though, I think I have a very odd spacial awareness setting…

So without further ado…the dances I did last night were:

Maiden Castle (warm up), Tralee Gaol (x3), Our Henry, Poison Pie (x2), Labyrinth (x2), Summerland.

Tralee Gaol 🙂

As this was a learn new places practice, every dance was accompanied by a walk through, and at least 3 of them we repeated certain bits of them to make sure we got them right. It was a very useful practice indeed 🙂 and hard work…there is nothing like being active and having to think all at the same time :-S

In the process of doing these practices, I learned that…dancing Labyrinth makes you very dizzy…especially when the person you swing with goes round so fast you can hardly keep up (on purpose…to make you dizzy). I also learned that dramatic as my hair looks when I am whirling round…it is just long enough now to obscure my vision almost completely. The third thing I learned is that I can carry on dancing whilst dizzy with impaired vision…yay!


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