Day 55: why is the middle interval the hardest

Good afternoon πŸ™‚

It is just after lunch and I spent the time usefully going for a run, which means I might have an evening doing something other than exercise tonight…maybe…

Bridge on my run :-)
Bridge on my run πŸ™‚

it was week 2 day 3 of my c25k program, and it felt like it was going well, at the half way point time wise I was further round on than I was last time, so I decided to carry on and complete the loop I saw on the map.

I felt better when I was doing this run, and I was better able to complete my run intervals without walking in any of them ( I know that is the point…) I had to stop once to stretch my calves but they were better than the last run and I generally felt I was completing my run intervals better.


when I got to the end I had gone considerably less distance than last time (although on the map it looks the same…)

Today’s run

I was annoyed with this, I felt better, I felt like I was running faster, it should have been better…grumble, grumble, grump…

however, on further investigation, I have Improved my run pace considerably and the breakdown of the run / walk distances is much better. Last time (well last time the timing didn’t go wrong due to text message) although I went further, I walked 2.47 km and ran 1.01, and my run pace was 8.22 min per km so I actually think running wise this Β sessions stats are better…Now I just need to work on quicker recovery as well as the better runs πŸ™‚

On reflection the reasons for the slower recovery could be any of the following or a combination:

It was much hotter

I woke up with legs so tired that I didn’t think I could stand up let a lone run

I forgot to pause the program when I stopped to stretch my legs (only I thing I did and it wouldn’t have made that much difference)

It was just one of those things

I forgot the “brisk” bit of the walk intervals…

anyway…room for improvement but not altogether a loss πŸ™‚ onward and upwards…

I also regret to inform you that there were no interesting / scary / mundane creatures to report on this run…

Day 55 complete πŸ˜€

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