Day 57 & 58: A weekend of walking, supercars and pilates

Good Morning  🙂

Welcome to another joint post for both days this weekend. I decided on saturday morning that this weekend would be one of relative rest, of course that doesn’t mean doing nothing, but no really heavy workout classes and no runs..I need to allow a little time for recovery in all of this…

So Saturday (Day 57)

A lot of Saturday was taken up with visiting the McLaren Motor show, this was an excellent experience as it was an employee and guest only show, we were guests of an employee. It was a really interesting day. I want one of these…

McLaren P1

However as I don’t have anything close to enough money to rent one for a day let alone buy one, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, onto the activity part of the day, as that is what we are here for really…

Saturday steps

the motor show involved a lot of walking around, we were walking for the best part of 4 hours, so that its self clocked up a sensible amount of mileage and steps, it puts the day into the category of more continuously active than a lot of my days which involve a lot of sitting (necessary due to work) interspersed with periods of lots of activity.

It was a good start, but the walking was fairly slow with some stopping to look at very fancy cars so I decided that this was not really enough to count towards the project. So on returning home after a (very controlled only 1 course) dinner out. I embarked on a late night blast of stepping and kettlebells 🙂

I started with 15 mins on my mini-stepper, I haven’t used it for a while, and the stepping was noticeably easier than last time, so time to investigate upping the resistance…if that is even possible on such a device. However 15 mins raised my heart rate enough for this to count as exercise 🙂 After the stepping, I then a couple of rounds of kettlebell exercises, I did, shoulder presses, clean and press, snatches and high pulls. I followed this with some core strengthening and ab work, (bridge, twisting crunches, leg raises) and some (lots of) stretching 🙂

So, I think that counts as day 57 complete 😀

Sunday (Day 58)

Sunday is Pilates day, or at least Sunday is Pilates day If I am not doing something which prevents me attending the class…this Sunday was Pilates day 😀

Billingshurst Leisure centre

I attended an excellent Pilates class at Billingshurst Leisure center, it is run by an excellent instructor who is convincingly fit and strong without being disturbingly skinny and intimidating. She made the class both challenging and fun and (as always with Pilates) I was impressed with the emphasis on correct posture and muscle engagement throughout.  I left feeling better than I did before I went in, which is definitely a plus, and as an extra bonus, I got to discuss Dr Who while doing Pilates…how often does that happen 😀

Day 58 complete 🙂

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