Day 59 (part 1): My new running shoes are awesome!

Good afternoon 🙂

Background to today: As a result of Friday’s awful run complete with exploding calf muscles I decided it was probably time to look into new running shoes…I worked out that my old Mizuno Alchemys had been in my possession for something like 6 years… and although I haven’t run for all that time, I guess it adds up. I took them in to my local “Up and Running” and  got told off by the man in the shop…apparently I was asking for an injury running in them and my calf pain was not surprising at all! Oh well at least I know it wasn’t all in  my head.

New shoes
New shoes 🙂

So without further ado…the running shop man made me take off my shoes and socks, took one look at my feet and declared that they haven’t changed and I still have flat feet…this much I know…they have been flat all my life…it is not a new thing…I can’t see it changing anytime soon…

anyway…he worked on the principle that if my old shoes worked for me until they got all broken then the updated version would also work. It seemed like reasonable logic…so I tried them on and they were excellent, it was at that point I realised just how broken my old ones were!!

So when it came to lunchtime today, I could hardly wait to pull on my lovely new shoes and get on with c25k, week 3 day 2 🙂

The difference between today’s run and Friday’s run is almost impossible to describe (almost…I am going to try any way) The searing explosive pain in my calves and insteps had subsided and become nothing more than a vague tightness. It now feels like something I can fix with stretching and a foam roller rather than something the might lead to my feet falling off 🙂

running stats
running stats

these are my run stats, they are an improvement over Friday, my pace has increased, I still had to walk for a few paces in my 3 minute runs but nothing like as much as Friday. Ok the distance increase is not that much, but the way the run felt was significantly better 🙂 I actually enjoyed myself again and both my run ace and my walk pace have improved (although I am starting to think there might be a slight inaccuracy somewhere, I seem to have a faster pace by i min per km but actually have gone less far in the running intervals…oh well…I can feel myself improving, I can feel the difference in the run intervals…I don’t have to threaten my legs with outlandish punishment to get them to get moving and keep moving 🙂 I am not going to say it was easy…it wasn’t but I could feel it getting better :-). I would also like to say here that the drop in overall distance from the other week is not too worrying to me…this particular week of the c25k is 3 mins less time than week 1 and 2, once I realised this I stopped worrying too much 🙂 I am just going to go with it and see where I get to by the end!

In addition to today’s awesome new shoes… I swallowed a fly…well I breathed in a fly…it was quite disconcerting…I refrained from sending down increasingly improbable creatures to capture the fly and subsequent things…consequently I have lived to tell the tale. (If any of you are not aware, that is a reference to the children’s song by Alan Mills  “there was an old woman who swallowed a fly” look here)

Day 59 (part 1) complete 😀

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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