Day 59 (part 2) Farewell to circuits

Good morning 🙂

After the success of the lunchtime running and because it was Monday and this is what happens on a Monday I was looking forward to circuits class 🙂 I was also a little bit sad as it is the last Monday night circuits class that will be run 😦 apparently the class is not getting enough people 😦 last night there were 13 of us, sometimes up to 18 but 10-12 is normal so I guess in a class that has a capacity of 35ish that is not many, but it is such a great class and all of the regulars will be sad to see it go 😦

Carly the circuits instructor
Carly the circuits instructor

In honor of the last ever class Carly the instructor organised what can only described as the circuits class to end all circuits classes, which I suppose was appropriate as it was the last one… (in that picture she looks all small and friendly…but I swear she was trying to kill us)

It was basically an hour of charging about as fast as possible in one way or another stopping periodically to do some sort of crazy exercise! Ok…I know that is not very descriptive, so here it is in a little more detail…

we were split into 5 teams and the class was set up as a series of races of the style: sprint to the other end of the room the complete 10 press ups/crunches/squat shoulder presses repeat until each team member has had 3 goes(oh and the ones waiting for their go had to carry out an exercise while they were waiting… crunches/plank/star jumps etc).After a few of those the method of getting to the other end of the room was changed to crawl on hands and feet…highly comical it was to see me try to crawl trip up and face plant the floor! 

Luckily I landed on my forehead, not my nose!

This was followed by races of the style…here is a weight plate…all stand in a line in lunge position…you have to do a twist with the wp then pass it forward and move to the front of the line, and when you reach the other end of the room go back the other way…only this caused my team some confusion when we reached the end of the room all turned round and ended up going the same way…i have no idea how but it resulted in us doing some extra sets…ahh well 🙂

As if this wasn’t enough…there was a final section where we were in two large teams and one had to hold a position /v-sit/squat while the other team completed 10 squat jumps/burpees (:-S) and the team holding the position was not allowed to stop until everyone had completed all the exercises. each round of this was repeated 4 times…I feel sorry for the team who had to hold a v-sit position while i completed my last set of 10 burpees!

This class was a killer as it bought in to everyone’s competitive spirit! of course you ran as fast as possible to the other end, and did as much as you possibly could. We didn’t win, but that wasn’t a problem..our team was made up of the 4 shortest sets of legs in the room! we all worked hard and actually (surprisingly had fun). And this is how I know I have improved…Last time we had a class like this…I cried because I felt inadequate…this time…I felt competed on a slightly more level playing field…ok…apart from the leg length…but i can’t help that!

it is just a shame I can’t carry on and show them where I will be in a year!

So with a sad farewell to this circuits class, Day 59 complete 😀

3 thoughts on “Day 59 (part 2) Farewell to circuits

  1. “And this is how I know I have improved…Last time we had a class like this…I cried because I felt inadequate…this time…I felt competed on a slightly more level playing field”
    IB – this is magical! I know this feeling well. Sending you a big ol’ virtual hug. Congratulations girl!


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