Day 62: Its Thursday, it is random exercise class day

Good evening πŸ™‚

Today’s random exercise class of choice was…..

Body Combat…

Body Combat
Body Combat

what lead me to choose this, well it was a combination of timing, logistics and my having left my gym shoes at home thus needing to collect them first. It is a slightly random way to choose an exercise class, but it does lead to me trying new things. Or in this case trying things I used to do ages ago but haven’t been to for years.

Body combat is another one of the “body xxxx” range of exercise classes put together by Les Mills, it is based on several different martial arts and fighting sports. Lots of punching, kicking, knees and general jumping about, all set to music and broken down into several 3-4 min tracks each designed to target different muscles / exercises etc. It is designed to be fast energetic cardio , well…here’s what they say…

Body Combat details
Body Combat details

Does it do all those things it says? Well…yes it is definitely high intensity cardio, it probably does the other things too…

Did I enjoy it as a class…well yes…sort of! I definitely had a good work out, I could do all the moves and the instructor was very good, she even told people proper punching / kicking form. But (and the but is probably more a problem with me than actually with the class) I really really missed having something to hit! It is far more effective and far more fun to actually do pad work. I think the main problem is thatΒ Β I have never done this class at the same time that I am doing any sort of other fighting training. I end up either not being able to take the class seriously or taking it far too seriously. I switch from looking amused to putting my I want to kill you face on. I tried very hard not to have an I want to kill you face today but I didn’t manage it. I generally spent the whole time over thinking the whole thing and worrying about whether the moves were feasible in a real fight.

all the over thinking aside, I had a really good work out. Will I go again…well I don’t know. I am definitely not ruling it out, I just have to work out how to leave my serious scary face at home πŸ™‚

Day 62 Complete πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Day 62: Its Thursday, it is random exercise class day

  1. I’m missing my BodyPump in a big way. 😦 BodyCombat, I don’t miss nearly as much, but it is an intense calorie burner, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚ Nice job on going with the flow and trying it even though you hadn’t planned to.


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