Day 64: early morning run in the rain

Good evening πŸ™‚
It is Sunday evening and after a busy weekend, I am writing up Saturday and Sunday’s activities. Starting (traditionally) with Saturday.

As I had a busy day planned of learning machine knitting and cooking roast dinners for a houseful of people I decided to head off early for a run to start the day energetically. This wasn’t quite as early as I had hoped due to my not liking to get up on Saturdays any better than any other day. I did get going eventually at 8:30 and decided to drive over to the local village of Southwater and run along the disused railway path that links the South Downs with the north downs. So undeterred by the horrible drizzly morning I set off.

A grey and drizzly run started (inadvisably) with an uphill warm up walk. But I got going and week 4 day 3 of the c25k was completed. 8 am still finding the 5min intervals difficult, more difficult than on Fridays run. Possibly because my legs were still achy, mainly though because I still haven’t found a good way of regulating my breathing properly. I am much fitter and finding breathing much easier, but I know I need to find a regular breathing pattern in order to keep going for longer. Here are my run stats:

My run pace was down a little and I went slightly less distance, but it was not really that different from Fridays. Strangely enough I found the intervals in the second half of the run easier than the first half. I still don’t know why this is, perhaps my legs just take longer to wake up…
The positives that came out of today’s run are, I am no longer afraid to run in the rain, I managed to run at the weekend for the first time, and I am still enjoying myself, even though it is hard work.

I also thought it was very convenient that someone put a mile marker exactly at the half way point of my run πŸ™‚

Day 64 damply complete πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Day 64: early morning run in the rain

  1. Hey Sam, as to your question about why second half seemed easier than first half, I *may* have an answer. For me, I find that I need a lot of warm up before I can get a decent run in. 5 minutes is bare minimum. The longer I warm up with a walk or brisk walk (ideally 10 minutes) the better I run. Also, I’ve found that if I run after a group workout class or after doing rowing machine or stairmaster, I also run much better/stronger/faster. It’s like my body doesn’t understand how to kick into a running gear until I’ve put it through the paces, so to speak, doing other things. Anyway, not sure if this resonates or not – but I know with my body, I need a good long warm up before I can expect to get a decent run in. Cheers, nancy


    1. That does make sense, I find that with dancing. If I dance after personal training or a class, my legs seem to know what is expected of them. No idea why I never associated that with running πŸ™‚ thanks
      Sam x


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