Day 65: Personal Training…on a Sunday!

Good evening 🙂
Yesterday (as you might be able to tell…) was Sunday, and I for some reason, organised a Personal training session, at 9 am. Sounds enthusiastic…well yes it was, but it was excellent 🙂 personal training is definitely my favourite work out of the week, I enjoy it as much as dancing. It is hard work, and getting harder as I get fitter and more capable, but I really enjoy it 🙂

The session started with a relatively gentle warm up…possibly more gentle than either I mor Matt the trainer anticipated because we decided to try it a new machine…the seated cross trainer. Now… I am aware that you can raise your heart rate sitting down and things like cycling are genuinely hard work, seated cross trainer however, is something I may pass on next time. It seemed a lot like a sit down with some waving your arms and legs about.

This may have been an easy start, but it really wasn’t starting as we meant to go on! We started the session with strength training, pull down exercises using a dedicated machine then moving in to a similar exercise seated at the pulley machine and a pull down exercise with the same pulley machine standing while focusing on the core engagement.
The rest of the session was taken up with:
interval sprints on the cross trainer (all 30 second sprints this time, no building it up slowly today),
viper exercises (walking lunges with an overhead press / woodchops / clean and jerks),
intense rounds of Thai boxing training (all punches, kicks, knees, elbows and defences),
chest press exercises,
trx exercises (sets of muscle ups / rows / straight arm opening out things / press ups forward facing straight arm opening out thingies),
360 degree defence with the Thai pads,
Stability ball exercises (plank / leg extensions / press ups(they were not on the ball))
Core work (bridge, bridge with legs against the wall, one legged bridge while aiming the other leg at my head somehow, a tabletop exercise with the ViPR where I had to move my legs and arms apart while keeping my back flat)

THis is a trx.

All this craziness (and it looks much more crazy now I see it written down) was followed by a lot of stretching…well needed stretching I have to say!

I have decided something about training (I thought this was in my head for a while) but I am now convinced, that when we are doing Thai boxing training in the gym with lots of onlookers, the more people heckle and make comments, the faster and harder the training gets, I definitely try harder to be awesome when we get heckled, and I am now more or less Matt the trainer does the same thing. Working really hard and looking good at what we are doing is easier then answering the hecklers! (Ok…this might still be in my head…it might be slightly a coincidence that there are more counters and defence moves and les time between the combinations in these situations…)

Sunday 1.5 hours of PT means day 65 complete 😀

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