Day 66: Pump up the Jam…

And no matter how many times I have done body pump, they have never used the song Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic for any of the tracks…I think they should.

Good evening 🙂
now the 90s song references are over and done with, we can get on with the discussion of today’s exercise class which was…Body Pump 🙂


It was just like this…Apart from technically we were not on top of a building in manhattan looking all hypercheerful…other than that…exactly the same 🙂 was bank holiday Monday, so I was taking advantage of being able to go to classes in the day time so 9:30am body pump was the class of choice. It was as body pump normally is, by turns, too hard, too easy rapidly becoming hard, interesting and boring…normally dictated by choosing the wrong weights. I have done a lot of body pump in my time and it doesn’t really change much but it is a really good work out. As I haven’t been for a while, I am still getting the hang of choosing the right weights to use for each track, which is the main reason why the tracks varied in difficulty.
I did enjoy it generally, I of course spent sometime being annoyed with the other people in the class for no reason at all. No one did anything offensive and no one really paid me any attention at all, but they still managed to make me cross, I think this is actually a distraction technique to stop me thinking the class is hard. It could also be put down to the fact that I a) am generally grumpy in the morning and 2) was having to work out with out having coffee first due to a broken kettle.
Don’t worry…we have a new one 🙂

Day 66 complete 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 66: Pump up the Jam…

  1. I am missing my Pump soooo badly! Picking the right weights is key, Sam. Go too light = no challenge; Go too heavy and you f’ up your shoulder (like I did). I can’t wait to get back home and get back into that class. 🙂 Good job on Day 66!
    p.s. I, too, get really pissed off at others in class. Mainly those who can’t keep to the counts the instructor is running. I’ll make the mistake of glancing over at someone (who looks like they know what they’re doing) and then get thrown off when their timing is shit. 🙂


    1. I will get my weights sorted, it was things like the shoulder track where you needed the plates and the bar and I probably needed the same plates but only had one set…I’ll get it sorted once I have been a couple of times.
      I am glad I am not the only one who gets annoyed with the rest of the class 🙂 I thought I was just grumpy!


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