Day 68 and 69: walking and walking and steam engines

Good afternoon 🙂

I am combining Wednesday’s and Thursday’s posts into one, because essentially, the same thing happened on both days. And that thing was mainly walking…and some more walking and more walking and some steam engines 🙂

A traction engine
  A traction engine

look…here is a picture of a steam engine to illustrate the point 🙂 Ok…I’ll explain…we went to the Great Dorset Steam Fair this week (well Wed and Thurs anyway) this is an enormous steam fair (ok…that is probably obvious), it is where many different varieties of steam engines from all around the country gather to show off their fantastic steam-ness and display their shiny brass bits. There are demonstrations of traditional uses for said steam engines (ploughing, powering giant saws, flattening roads, powering fairground rides and organs etc) there is also a

section of trade stands, junk / randomness sellers and a large auto jumble. all of this is contained in a 600 acre site. I add the size in to give you an idea of distances covered from out campsite, at the edge of the site to the main showground…

on the Wednesday and Thursday, we walked backwards and forwards from the showground to our tent at least 4 times (each day) plus much walking around the showground, most of this was done carrying or dragging large / heavy / unruly objects including, a drum, most of a jungle gym (in flat pack) a large bag of random (useful) junk, a trolley containing bandsaw blades and a cast iron water pump and a 3 m long plastic slide.

steam fair


This turned out to be a lot of walking, 7 – 7.5 miles a day as you can see. some of this was slow walking but some was at a purposeful pace and a lot was up and down hills, the steam fair site is anything but flat!. This was more than enough to count as my exercise for Wednesday and Thursday…absolutely without  doubt.

what is more, a lot of fun was had in the process. Here are some more traction engines just for good measure…

Many traction engines :-)
Many traction engines 🙂

Day 68 and 69 complete 😀

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