Challenge Number 2 (the one that already scares me)

Good morning 🙂

I have mentioned previously that I am going to supplement the main challenge with some smaller challenges to keep me going. Yesterday (on something of a whim), I decided on the second of these “smaller” challenges.  I feel perfectly justified in using sarcastic quotes around smaller in this context because to me this challenge feels huge…and somehow much harder than the overall 365 challenge!

Anyway, buoyed up by an excellent PT session and a hyperactive trainer I signed up for this:

merrel challengeit is a competition run by Map My Run and Merrell, the idea being that you have to log a run or hike 30 times in the next 45 (now 43) days and the person who logs the most miles each week gets a prize and the person who logs most overall gets a prize. Now…I think the only way of me winning even a weekly prize is if every other participant comes down with severe flu or blisters or becomes agoraphobic overnight  …but the idea of upping my running and fulfilling the challenge is interesting.

Interesting…but also terrifying! I worked it out, I have to run 5 times a week for the next 6.5 weeks to get it done. As you can see from the info above, I have done 1 run. Well It is a start, and I suppose by the time I have run 30 times in the next 45 days, I will be much better at it than I am now!

here are the rules:

merrell rules


so now I have to run a lot if anyone else wants to try this out the info is here.

I will keep you posted on how this goes, and thankfully challenge 1 will for part of challenge 2 so that makes things a little easier…maybe…



By Sam Catchpole

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