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Day 75: running and dancing

Good morning šŸ™‚

Yesterday I took it upon myself to attempt to run and do morris practice in the same day. It was hard on the legs but actually not too bad šŸ™‚

first the running šŸ™‚

it was week 5 day 2 of the c25k, the intervals jumped up to 8 minutes with only one walk interval. I was somewhat daunted but vaguely hopeful at the same time. this was the result…


c25k app stats vs map my run stats

apparently I went somewhere between 3.57 km and 3.83 km and the run lasted somewhere between 31 and 32 minutes. I did put map my run on slightly before the c25k app but not that long, I thing the c25k pauses when there is an email etc. but never mind. I am really pleased with my progress! I virtually ran the 8 min intervals…I stopped at about 5.5 mins into each one, but only for about 20 steps and I am not actually sure I needed to stop physically, I think mentally I thought I would need to stop so I did, but the fact that I carried straight back on again and continued to the end of each interval leads me to believe I didn’t really need to! I was so pleased when I got back, nothing hurt too badly and I was slightly hyperactive due to the 8 min running (nearly) success!

Now for dancing

I decided I was going to dance as much as I could this week (yes…i do that every week shhh) I also tried to do some dances in places that I don’t normally dance them in. It is apparently good to change… something about becoming a versatile dancer…

It was a fun and interesting practice session, we walked through some new dances (and some old ones for new people) I danced things in new places with no major mishaps (apart from once when I forgot where I had started the dance and started a walk through in a different place confusing everyone…)

anyhow…the dances were as follows :

Maiden castle (x2) Ceridwen’s Cauldron (aka Y-fronts) (many times in parts to learn it and walk it and then twice all the way through), witch hunt, our henry (x2 + some extra bits and walk), spank the monkey, foul mouthed cat, fanny frail.

as I have no pictures of todays practice, I will leave you with a video of us dancing Foul Mouthed Cat at Eastbourne in about march this year. I am in it, It is not my best dance and I am less fit and 13lbs heavier than now…but it is still good šŸ˜€

Day 75 energetically complete šŸ˜€


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