Day 76: I (nearly) ran for 20 whole minutes

Good afternoon πŸ™‚

Today I nearly ran for longer than I have ever run before…ever!

Nearly…but not quite.

I really wanted to be able to write this blog post and say “I did it” but I can’t. It was week 5 day 3 today, it was a 20 min run with no (scheduled) walk intervals. Only I didn’t quite manage it. I tried, and I only walked 4 times I think and I made myself limit the walks to 30-35 paces and then I got going again.

Week 5 Day 3
Week 5 Day 3

I went less far than yesterday (I checked it on a different app too and I went less far than yesterday….although the other app said I went 3.45 km but never mind) but the important thing is the run distance is much more than yesterday, and, even though the overall distance is less…the time is less too so that accounts for that!

I didn’t run it all, which is why my run pace is slower but I did run most of it, which is why my run pace is not too much slower.

I am still pleased with it because considering it is the longest continuous run I have ever attempted, I didn’t do too badly! I know that yesterdays running and dancing took their toll on my legs, my legs ached before I started and during the run my right calf felt very tight and borderline painful (nothing like before mind you), It was 28ΒΊC outside, too hot to run really, I know that there are people out there running in hotter temperatures than that because it is generally hotter where they live…but us Brits are not used to it! SO all in all not as good as I had hoped, but done πŸ™‚

Now the question is…do I repeat the 20 min run, or do I move on to week 6 day 1 which is back to intervals albeit hard ones…I feel I should really repeat the 20 min run just to see if I can… what do you good people think?

In other news…I have now logged 2 runs towards my 30 run s in 45 days challenge (see here) and I guess there are a lot of people who have not yet logged any runs or run for even less time than me because somehow I am in the top 11% :-S I am ranked 3305th but there are nearly 28000 people playing:

challenge after day 2
challenge after day 2

Day 76 Complete πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Day 76: I (nearly) ran for 20 whole minutes

  1. Hey Sam, I would actually recommend repeating the 20 minute run. The day I did my first 20 minutes (non-stop) run (April 5th!) I felt like I owned the world! I wrote about it here: All my adult life I wished I could just run for 20 minutes without stopping. When I did it, I set my next goal to 30 minutes. After I did that, well, I stopped trying for longer – because, honestly, I don’t love running, and I’m not sure I ever need to run 45 mins or an hour to prove something to myself (or others?). Anyway – I think you rock — and you have done an incredible job. I just think that if you try this run one more time (and finish the 20 without a break) you will feel invincible! Go, Sam!


    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ That is what I think too! I agree with following the program but I want to try the run again…with this new 30 runs in 45 days challenge I have to do so many runs that I have plenty of runs to complete the program and more! Part of me thinks I was so close, I may as well just try again when it is a little cooler!

      I know what you mean about not needing to run for too long…I think 10k might be my end goal, but running for long enough to complete a marathon or even half a marathon…I think I would get bored! I enjoy running, just after I have finished the run πŸ˜€


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